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    06:00~18:00 週1、2からOK

Job Description

Please work with food at the Skylark MD Center (food factory).

■ Food manufacturing
It is a job to process ingredients and manufacture hamburgers, sauces, etc. used in restaurants.
No difficult skills required!
Even inexperienced people can play an active role!

■ Food sorting
It is the work of picking the ingredients to be sent to the restaurant.

■ Cleaning the line
It is a job to clean the equipment, equipment, etc. after manufacturing.

* It is a simple job that you can easily learn even if you are inexperienced.

Job Requirements

<Japanese ability>
We are looking for people with N4 or above because the workplace requires Japanese proficiency.

<Addition of salary>
■ 2: 00-9: 00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) / Hourly wage +150 yen
■ Sundays and holidays / hourly wage +100 yen
■ Sundays and holidays 2: 00-9: 00 / hourly wage +50 yen

Discount coupons are provided monthly !! (Some regulations apply) ◆ Available at all Skylark Group stores
Transportation expenses paid (up to 20,000 yen per month / some regulations apply)
Meal assistance
One meal 363 yen (once a day)
There is employee appointment
Salary will be paid the next 15 days
Paid leave available (granted for work of 6 months or more)
Uniform rental

After applying, the call center will contact you by phone (0570-010-314) or email, so please set the date and time of the interview there.

You are applying for We are looking for manufacturing and sorting staff in the Kitakyushu MD Center factory!

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