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Let's start with the simple work of providing water and food!

All the staff are kind, so it's safe to start inexperienced.

Once you get used to taking orders and working at the cash register, please do it little by little.

The store is not large, and it is an environment where it is easy to work with about 3 staff members.

The menu is small, so you can quickly memorize it.

If you want to do your best ↓

・Preparing for opening and cleaning up after closing

・Preparing ingredients and operating the store

・Delivery schedule management, delivery confirmation

・Ordering ingredients, equipment, etc.

Whether you want to work as a manager, as a store staff, or if you want to run your own store in the future, you can work in a variety of ways! !

Shift request possible

It's a corporate culture that gives you a high degree of freedom in hairstyles and hair colors!

The atmosphere is bright with lots of young staff.

The staff in their 60s are also working hard!

It's easy to work with bright and kind people!

Uniforms will be T-shirts and aprons.

Please bring your own trousers.

There is a meal system.

You can eat all products at half price!


桐原 豊樹



Job Requirements


Our company is headquartered in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and operates restaurants in Fukuoka, Yamaguchi, Kansai, and Shikoku.

In recent years, we are also focusing on takeout specialty stores and mail order.

We manufacture all the noodles and ingredients in our own factory.

Restaurant hall staff [restaurant/food/restaurant waiter/waitress/hall/floor staff]

You are applying for Inexperienced yaki-udon specialty store hall staff OK / Near Kokura Station / 2-2 days a week OK / Double work and full-time OK / No overtime

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