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    06:30~23:30 週2、3からOK

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・ Kitchen staff: Please do kitchen work such as simple cooking assistance and washing dishes in the washing area. Careful training and manuals are available so you don't have to worry if you are inexperienced! Let's start slowly from what we can do! ・ Customer service staff: Please provide general customer service to customers who come to the store. It is a hall job such as guiding customers' seats, serving food and drinks (including alcohol), cleaning up tables, and cashiers. * Jobs to be recruited may differ depending on the store, so please contact us for details.

Job Requirements

We are looking for people with N3 or above because the workplace requires Japanese proficiency. ◆ Hourly wages may be added depending on the hourly wage and day of the week. Please contact us for details. ◆ Transportation expenses (up to 20,000 yen per month / some regulations apply) ◆ There is a salary increase ◆ Salary will be paid on the 15th of the following month ◆ Paid leave available (granted after 6 months) ◆ Uniform rental ◆ Shoes are paid by yourself (1595 yen to 1700 yen) ◆ There is an advance payment system It is a system where you can get a part of your salary before the payday. ◆ Meal assistance available One meal is 356 yen (tax included)! You can eat up to 2 times a day !! ◆ 25% discount coupon available 6 discount coupons are provided every month for up to 6 family members and friends !! * Available for Gusto / Bamiyan / Jonathan / Shabuha etc. (with regulations) After applying, the call center will contact you by phone (0570-010-314) or email, so please set the date and time of the interview there.

You are applying for しゃぶ葉 西川口

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