Job info

  • Japanese level:

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  • Location:

    東松山駅, 高坂駅
  • Working Time:

    09:00~18:00 週2、3からOK

Job Description


My job is to manufacture products that are mainly sold at Delica at YAOKO's own factory. Specifically, we are looking for human resources who can play an active role in the manufacturing team that cooks and serves, the employee cafeteria team, the clerical team, the quality control team, and the arrival team.

Job Requirements

<Japanese proficiency>

are looking for people with N4 or above because the workplace requires Japanese proficiency.


Yubinbango355-0067 in Saitama, Japan., Higashimatsuyama, Bandoyama, 5

<working hours>

9:00 to 18:00


hourly wage of 1,000 yen

partner and helper hourly wage of 1,000 yen


experience unquestioned

inexperienced person Allowed

inexperienced person welcome

experience Those who

can commute for a long time


Cars, bikes, bicycles Commuting available

There is a shuttle bus from Kosaka Station

You are applying for Looking for Delica / Fresh Food Center staff!

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