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  • Location:

    入間市駅 より送迎バス20分, 狭山市駅より西武バス「智光山公園行」乗車、「智光山公園」下車後、徒歩15分
  • Working Time:

    05:00~22:00 週2、3からOK

Job Description


It is a job of manufacturing food in a factory. (Manufacturing, filling, receiving, cleaning utensils, equipment inspection, cleaning, recruiting staff.

Job Requirements

<Japanese ability>
Japanese ability is not required. We also accept applications from people who are not confident.

<Address>: 682-43 Oyazawa, Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture

<Working hours>
Manufacture from 5:00 to 21:00h
Serving 9: 00-22:00h
Receipt 14: 00-18:00h
Cooking utensil cleaning 9: 00-14:00h
Equipment inspection 5:00-18:00h
Cleaning 9:00-21:00h

Hourly wage 1,000 yen

No experience required
Inexperienced person allowed
Inexperienced people welcome
Experienced people welcome
Those who can do it for a long time

<About commuting>
Cars, motorcycles, bicycles can commute to work

Pick-up from IRUMASHI Station

You are applying for Manufacturing work at a food factory (manufacturing, filling, receiving, cleaning utensils, equipment inspection, cleaning staff are being recruited!

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  • 2 Japanese-Language Proficiency
    and Residence card
  • 3 Information
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Educational background

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